I had the privilege to meet an awesome Senior last month.  This is Erik ~ and he’s graduating!!  It was so much fun photographing him.  He is the nicest kid, and was so easy going.  I have known Erik’s mom for about 14 years or so…we worked at a bank together all those many years ago, and it’s crazy to think that it was before I was even married.  What’s funny too is that her and I realized that we only live about 1 minute away from each other.  Crazy.
Anyway, thank you both so much for allowing me to do this!  I had a lot of fun, and I was honored to be a small part of this awesome time in your life.  Thank you again…
I think the HIGH that day was only about 17 degrees.  We were Cooooold.  By the end of our shoot I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore.  Erik was such a trooper, and he didn’t even complain once.
erik0005water-1024x682 {Erik ~ class of 2014}
Here is the front of Erik’s graduation announcement….love it!
Announcement-front-1024x742 {Erik ~ class of 2014}
erik0007water-682x1024 {Erik ~ class of 2014}
erik0001water-682x1024 {Erik ~ class of 2014}
erikcollage1 {Erik ~ class of 2014}
MG_9674water-682x1024 {Erik ~ class of 2014}
erikcollage2 {Erik ~ class of 2014}
erik0004water-682x1024 {Erik ~ class of 2014}
And of COURSE we had to take some with his awesome truck.
erikcollage3 {Erik ~ class of 2014}
Thanks again!!