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Maggie ~ Class of 2017

This session has been in the works since last fall! This girl is crazy awesome. So beautiful, so funny, and so smart! (She comes from a pretty amazing family too.) Congratulations Maggie! You're pretty spectacular. ;)

Tiarrah ~ Class of 2017

The stars aligned perfectly for me to do this session.  Tiarrah is one of the neatest people I know.  She is crazy smart, friendly, kind, and we had a ton of fun.  I really, REALLY had a hard time narrowing down which photo's to post on my blog.  Believe me, it was very difficult!  Congratulations Tiarrah!  You are beautiful.

Julia ~ class of 2016

First off, I really can't handle how cute Julia is. Secondly, I was so excited to FINALLY do a photo session in a library. This has been on my bucket list. So let me tell you a little about Julia. She loves to read, plays the ukulele, the violin, and has been taking college courses her Senior year. Aaaand just look at that smile?! Seriously, this girl is [...]

Dallas ~ Class of 2016

Beautiful Dallas. I cannot believe she is graduating!! First of all, I need to apologize for the photo overload....but how can you help it when your subject is so beautiful?! This girl is beautiful both inside and out. She as an AMAZING family and am very grateful for their friendship. Dallas, thank you so much for asking me to take your senior photo's for y[...]

Kayd ~ Class of 2015

Hi everyone! I'd love for you to meet Kayd.  He is such a stud.  He wasn't too thrilled that his Mom and sister talked him into getting senior photo's taken, but I am sure glad that he did.  We had fun, and I think these turned out great.  :) Enjoy!  And Kayd, Congratulations!! Kayd ~ Class of 2015

Chance ~ Senior Class of 2014

Man, I'm behind.  I am just now posting some sessions that I photographed early spring this year.  I wanted to officially congratulate Chance on his Graduation.  My husband and I are good friends with his parents, and I just have to say what a neat family this is. Chance was a lot of fun to photograph, and he really was a great sport ~ even though he felt[...]

Preston: class of 2014

Hello everyone!  I would like to introduce you to my nephew, Preston.  He is graduating from Layton High School this year.  He's such a good kid, and I had so much fun photographing him for his Senior Photo's. Preston is on his Varsity Baseball Team.  He is an official "batter".  Sorry Pres, I am not sure what the official t[...]

{Erik ~ class of 2014}

I had the privilege to meet an awesome Senior last month.  This is Erik ~ and he's graduating!!  It was so much fun photographing him.  He is the nicest kid, and was so easy going.  I have known Erik's mom for about 14 years or so...we worked at a bank together all those many years ago, and it's crazy to think that it was before I was even married.  What's f[...]

{Fernanda ~ class of 2012}

Fernanda cracks me up. She kept hinting towards the fact that she doesn't feel like she's as beautiful as I kept telling her she was. I was freaking out as I was taking these photo's. Literally freaking out. I would shoot one and do a little jig in my head ~ and a few times I even let out a little shriek. I really hope that Fernanda and her Mom don't think I[...]
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