Tiarrah ~ Class of 2017

The stars aligned perfectly for me to do this session.  Tiarrah is one of the neatest people I know.  She is crazy smart, friendly, kind, and we had a ton of fun.  I really, REALLY had a hard time narrowing down which photo's to post on my blog.  Believe me, it was very difficult!  Congratulations Tiarrah!  You are beautiful.

Aria ~ age 2

This cute girl is one of my very favorite 2 year olds.  Here's a quick mini-session from the other night....enjoy!  (And PS ~ just look at those locks!!)

Brandee and Nathan ~ formals

Brandee and Nathan got married today!  These images were taken about a month ago during their formal session.  (I'm not THAT fast...haha!)  Congratulations you two.  And Brandee?  You look beautiful.

Julia ~ class of 2016

First off, I really can't handle how cute Julia is. Secondly, I was so excited to FINALLY do a photo session in a library. This has been on my bucket list. So let me tell you a little about Julia. She loves to read, plays the ukulele, the violin, and has been taking college courses her Senior year. Aaaand just look at that smile?! Seriously, this girl is [...]